Second Wind Furniture
Restored furniture, at reasonable prices!


 At Second Wind, you will always find an ever-changing assortment of furniture, antiques, art, lamps, and unusual items; hence the creation of this website. The goal is to be able to show pictures of the different items that come through the shop. The best way to keep current on things is to visit our Facebook page at :  secondwindfurnitureandantiques

In addition to the above, we also sell country craft and home garden items. Depending on the season,  ( and the occaissional flood ), you may find syrups of different flavors:  jellies, pickles, breads, pies, cookies, candy, and especially apple products including Apple Sauce, Apple Butter, Cider Vinegar, and Apple Cobbler.

We also do some minor refinishing for our customers, and a lot of metal polishing, too!
Mostly, we refinish things we have aquired ourselves.

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