Second Wind Furniture
Restored furniture, at reasonable prices!

About Us 

"It started out as a yard sale"...
just to clean out the barn. Some things needed to be cleaned first; some things needed repair. The sale went so well, we decided to do it again. Then, again. We soon began to pick up "new" things to fix and sell, and that began the madness that has gripped us ever since.

At Second Wind, we have "issues" with the quality of "wood" products available to the average buyer today. Press-board furniture makes me shudder; I would rather fix an old wood piece, and make it functional again, than sell that "stuff". Several of our pieces are one hundred years old, and still have another one hundred years left to go.

Through our travels and purchases, we often come across a true "antique". We try to set these aside and not alter them, but we are first and foremost about making things beautiful and useful. again.  And affordable.

Not only furniture, but things of daily life; life in the 17-1800's. Hand-made things rather than mass produced. Things made in America; from iron and steel, real wood, silver, crystal, and brass. Useful things, handy things; interesting things. Things made to last, by people who cared about the quality of their product.

The way it once was...

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