Second Wind Furniture
and Antiques

Restored furniture, at reasonable prices!



Welcome to Second Wind Furniture and Antiques where we refinish, restore, repurpose, recycle, and resell furniture, antiques, curiosities, knick-knacks, bric-a-brac, gimcracks, baubles, trinkets, gewgaws, rommel, and useful stuff. 

All of our business is transacted at our workshop in beautiful
Hobart, NY, the "Book Village of the Catskills".
To learn more about Hobart and what it has to offer, please visit
the Bookvillage website. Plan to spend a day visiting our shops and enjoying the surrounding area.

As a small, but growing business, our hours of operation are somewhat "adaptive" to external stimuli - which means - we try to be open every Friday (2-6pm), Saturday (10-6), and Sunday (12-6). Often we are available during the rest of the week, but don't advertise it as such. If you were a "Hobartneck", you would know we were open when you see the sign out by the road, or if you see me working out front. For those of you traveling any distance, the best thing to do is call in advance at:  607-538-1941 or 607-538-1239

**** Now that we are in our 7th year....
we have a facebook page: secondwindfurnitureandantiques
and we are almost always open every day, The only "For-sure" time we are NOT open is Sunday mornings ( and even then, sometimes we are )

Facebook is the best way to communicate with us and see what is new.

WARNING ! Sometimes we finish an item, photograph it, and post it to Facebook - then sell it within hours... Those who know us, pounce on the "good stuff" as quickly as possible. ( for locals, sometimes we don't even get the chance to photograph ) At our prices, things don't last long. I know it sounds like a pitch, but it is true. Do not believe that something you like will be there the next time you visit..... we turn-over furniture very quickly. That being said,..

WARNING ! We do not negotiate on our furniture prices. Our prices are already so much lower than what else is out there, that we feel confident that our value speaks for itself. Our customers agree.


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